That’s telling them, Dave

In Uncategorized on December 9, 2011 by grahamharrowell

At least Chamberlain came back with a piece of paper. Macho Dave came back having isolated Europe. It seems that they’ve cut themselves adrift from the British bulwark of solidarity. After years of threatening to use the “veto”, Big Dave pressed the button and fired the damp squib. Nobody really noticed. Instead of scuppering Europe’s plans, giving his mates a referendum and looking clever all that happened was that the vast majority of Europe just found a way round him. For God’s sake somebody take the nuclear deterrent key away from him before he tries that out.

So what powers exactly did he manage to repatriate? The list is empty. How much sympathy has he generated for our cause? Less than none. Jubilant Tory backwoodsmen (just 90 of over 600 MPs) now hold sway and will no doubt tell us that we can trade with the Empire (which they still think exists) and so on.

In the City (where all the problems began) they will (despite their hatred of all things European) be popping the champagne corks and changing their pounds for Euros ahead of their departure in their Ferraris and Porsches for the ski slopes in Meribel.

As far as I can make out nobody in Europe really cares that the UK has again adopted a dog in the manger attitude. They expected little else.

So another success for Cameron and well done Clegg for being so supportive.



2 Responses to “That’s telling them, Dave”

  1. Well said. It’s not going to help his mates in the City in any case. And as for people still actually making stuff in UK, well – tough!

  2. This may snake back on them. Tories get a lot of money from a) hedge funds specifically, more than finance or banking generally, and b) West Midlands industrialists – their fundraising organisation is even based at Conservative Constituency Services in Coleshill, in the same building as Tory regional HQ.

    Group 1) may or may not like this, Group 2) certainly won’t. Group 1) has more ready cash, Group 2) has more staying power and is much better linked into the grass-roots party machine. Brian Widget of Widgets Group plc is probably on his local Conservative Association committee, Zachary Bollocks de Arsehole probably…isn’t, and if he is it’ll be something for show like Kensington & Chelsea or Westminster. ZBA can leave town quickly, BW can offshore the business slowly and expensively, and if one of its selling points is that it’s close to the Japanese and German car industry in the UK and the EU, well, that’s why he’s still here.

    There’s a distinction between Europe generally and the € there – Brian Widget’s business suffered seriously in the late Thatcher/early Major years with the pound shadowing the D-mark, and again in the Labour years before 2008 with the pound soaring, so he really doesn’t like the idea of being on a fixed parity with the Germans. He benefits quite a lot from being in the EU, though.

    Also, asymmetric commitment. It doesn’t matter that much to ZBA if we’re in the € or out, in principle. You can trade € securities in New York. For BW, however, the sterling-euro rate is vital.

    They have to pick one to piss off.

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