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In Uncategorized on November 30, 2011 by grahamharrowell

Another of Daisy May’s mistakes was trying to deport Katia Zatuliveter. The real villain of the piece (and security risk) was of course Michael Hancock but since he is a government MP she has to stick with him. (I noticed the other day that the Speaker repeatedly failed to notice Hancock when he kept trying to get called during a debate. Very wise.) Hancock has great enthusiasm for defence matters, trips to Russia and an apparent penchant for women. He appears to use his position as an MP to exploit gullible or impressionable women. (Like DSK’s policy of trying it on with every woman he meets on the basis that one in ten will bite, Hancock seems to go for those who are easily impressed.)

Obviously the Security Service spotted Hancock’s weakness and decided to do something about it. Their Special Branch friends started having words with Zatuliveter and asked her to keep an eye on Hancock. She declined knowing that, particularly for a Russian, getting involved with foreign security people isn’t a good idea and probably because she felt a laudable sense of loyalty to her employer. The spooks then start to lean on her. She needs Home Office permission to stay in the UK. They can make it difficult. She still refuses and, rather than be shown to be paper tigers, they concoct a story that she is the security risk and wind up the Home Office to deport her.

Fortunately the people at SIAC are not as easily deceived as the Home Secretary.


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