Soft Furnishings 2

In Uncategorized on November 25, 2011 by grahamharrowell

Igor Belanov (мужик!) reminds me of the value of hindsight and that it’s time to review my bets. I still think that it’ll be the Tories that takes us into both the Euro and Schengen. I’m happier about this since Michael Heseltine has suggested in the last week that the former should be the case and I’ve heard reports that Damian Green would like to offload some of our expensive and controversial border checks onto our European neighbours.

Bet number 3 is in the most danger. As Igor reminds me that I was sure that Dominique Strauss-Kahn was a shoe-in for the job of next French president. Did Sarkozy send him off to Washington to get him out of the way, or in order to give him enough rope to hang himself? Is Sarko that astute or did he just get lucky? Either way DSK looks unlikely to get a look in now. I hear he’s popped off for a break in Israel. (Someone check Tel-Aviv’s extradition policy, please) Figaro sugeests that his missus has asked him to repay her for all the cash she shelled out in the US for his defence and accommodation. They also say she’s been talking about seeing a divorce lawyer. Those who were quick to jump to their mate’s defence (Do you remember Manual Valls’ performance on TV, shouting down Angelique Chrysafis?) are keeping their heads down. Moscovici appears to figure in some of the SMS messages which were flying about, so he may be worried. DSK’s flat has been besieged by Ukrainian feminists wearing maid’s outfits. Perhaps the mood has changed but the only criminal matters that may come out of this (apart from a complicated charge on pimping) could be fraud relating to company funds used to finance the stag parties (I don’t know the English for this) DSK so much enjoyed. If no charge is forthcoming before the spring maybe he’ll just put it all down to his private life (which the French like to ignore in their politicians) and come bouncing back.

But somehow I doubt it.


2 Responses to “Soft Furnishings 2”

  1. Political betting is a bad idea. I lost £5 betting on Francois Bayrou in the last presidentielles. Everyone in France told me he had no chance but still….

  2. […] I saw the statement was: “It looks like we just joined Schengen”. (It was easy – my dad predicted this years ago.) And now, just under a month later, GOV.UK lights up with the following […]

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