Bloody Google

In Uncategorized on November 25, 2011 by grahamharrowell

A full page advert on the back of my Guardian. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pleased that someone is willing to place advertising in the Guardian. I wish more businesses would do it. I also wish more shops would sell the paper. But, as usual, I digress.

“Did you really mean used carps?” The ad than goes on to tell us how wonderful their search engine is in ignoring what you’re searching for and taking you where it thinks you want to go. Recently, about the time of the presidential election there, I was looking up something on Kyrghizstan. Would Google let me? No! It was adamant that I really wanted Kurdistan. In the end the only way to get any sense out of the machine was to type the request in Russian.

So Google, mind your own business. If people want to find out about used carps (and there will be somebody out there who is really interested in them) just let them get on with it. People who want used cars will just have to take more care.


One Response to “Bloody Google”

  1. “for the occasions when you want to search for very specific words, you can use the Verbatim tool so that Google searches using the exact words you entered.”

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