Another week nearer a General Election

In Uncategorized on November 20, 2011 by grahamharrowell

Unable to find work? Here’s a new plan from those experts Cameron & Clegg. Pop down to the doctor and get signed off for a month. (Say you’re stressed at being out of work.) You’ll automatically be referred to a new employment panel. Once there tell them you’re feeling fine and they will (according to our government) get you a job. I wonder whether they’ve thought this through. With 2,000,000 already out there looking, how are they going to find employers to take on the 3,000,000 who are on the sick? Obviously it won’t be the public sector, so step forward their chums. Another thought. If all these people are really fit to work, does that mean the unemployment rate in UK under these people is actually twice what they claim? If so things are bleaker than we thought.
Another thing they obviously didn’t think through was the government petition website which triggers a parliamentary debate every time one or two people sign up in protest at straight bananas or some such nonsense. All sorts of embarrassing things are popping up. Or is this just a chance for people to let off steam and be ignored? What’s interesting is that the vote in parliament after the debate somehow doesn’t count. Isn’t that a matter for parliament?

All this private sector know-how is really surprising. This week Osborne has sold a bank that didn’t belong to him for less money than we paid for it (to a private sector chum) and somehow sees this as a good deal. If that’s how business and the economy work why am I paying more for stuff in the shops than it costs the shops to buy? I’m puzzled.

I see that the coalition has another bright idea. It seems they want to engage in another Thatcher style confrontation with the Trades Unions. There’s a suggestion from hereditary Tory politician Francis Maude that there should be a minimum level of participation for strike ballots to be valid. Let’s have the same for parliamentary elections too. Whilst turnout seems to be well in excess of 50% in general, the percentage of votes cast to return a member to parliament is often a very low percentage of those eligible to vote. Let’s insist that they have more than 50% of the votes of those eligible. Francis himself got 52% of 70% of those eligible.


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