European membership

In Uncategorized on October 24, 2011 by grahamharrowell

Watching the EU debate (yes it’s raining and being Monday everything is shut) I’m interested to learn that we need a referendum on membership because “40% of people alive today have not had the opportunity to vote on it”. That’s a new one. I’ve never been given the opportunity to vote on whether we continue with a number of other treaties. I think Versailles is a dead letter, but what about the Treaty of Utrecht? What about the treaties that ended the Second World War? Why don’t we have a referendum? Maybe a majority of voters alive today would like to re-start it. Can I have the opportunity to vote on every decision made before I reached voting age?
As a feeble excuse I find this one pretty hard to take. Would these same Tory MPs want us to revisit the giving of votes to women? (Oops, yes. They probably would.)
Having had a tilt at Milliband (and misquoting him) for saying that on Sunday Sarkozy had spoken for the British people, smarmy Cameron at least had the decency to resist having a go at Sir Stuart Bell for addressing parliament wearing the insignia of the Legion d’Honneur in his lapel.


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