Can you believe this Cameron bloke?

In Uncategorized on October 18, 2011 by grahamharrowell

Cameron today asked the bosses of energy companies to keep their tariffs down. He suggested that they are making too much profit. Does he understand nothing? For the government to control energy prices it has to control the provider. That’s how it used to be, Dave! We used to have nationalised energy suppliers. It was the Conservatives, Dave, your party, who privatised them. The idea of privatisation was to allow your friends and backers to make massive profits. Don’t you understand your own philosophy and the source of your personal wealth?
Dave, if you really want to show that you care about the plight of the people (and I don’t believe that you are sincere in any way) then you’ll need to take control of the energy companies. Not a likely Conservative policy. You could also reduce the cost to the consumer by having the energy suppliers be non-profit making organisations. Again, not something you’re likely to get past Central Office. People in France are bewildered when they learn that not only are energy prices in UK set at the whim of private enterprise but that we also allow foreign companies, such as their own national electricity supplier EDF, to profit. When the energy chiefs honestly explained today that energy supplies are becoming scarcer, they must have wondered what our prime minister uses for brains.
One quick and easy way to preserve some of this scarce energy would be to ban commercial premises (shops and offices, government buildings) from being lit up at night. Once again, I’ll give you that one for nothing Dave.


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