…and what do you do?

In Uncategorized on October 11, 2011 by grahamharrowell

Those who have met Her Majesty say that, as well as asking “Have you come far?”, the Queen very often enquires, “And what do you do?” Despite Her lack of contact with the outside world most people are probably able to give her a very clear understanding of their occupation in one or may be two words. Tinker, tailor, soldier’ sailor, rich man, poor man, beggar man, doctor, MP, defence minister.
Whatever they do it would probably be unhelpful to inform their Sovereign that they make their way in life by means of “transactional behaviour”. Apart from hermits and desert island castaways we all have to indulge in some form of transactional behaviour every day. So why would anybody describe a person’s occupation using these words? Well, I have to suppose it would be to avoid telling the truth until I am put right. I can’t believe that such a form of words was concocted by m’learned friend giving urgent counsel to Liam Fox, so he must have thought it up himself. He clearly needs a good advisor. Take that shiny blue shirt he was wearing when he was photographed with Margaret Thatcher. What better indication could there be that his judgement is poor? His “close friend” and former “flatmate” can clear all this up for him by giving the various enquiries a free look at his bank accounts. This will show that he has always paid for his hotels, meals, conference fees and travel with his own money and where that has come from.

Fox’s “apology” when he was found out early in the game displayed the same arrogance showed by the England Rugby Union team in the face of questions from journalists. Both Fox and Johnson sought to draw a line under the matters in question and to move on. How nice if we could all do that when we were found out. How stupid do they think journalists are? If you don’t show them respect when they ask legitimate questions on real matters of concern, don’t be surprised if they dig deeper and really nail you down. (If England had shown some respect to their various opponents and their supporters as well as some professionalism, they would probably still be in New Zealand.)
The news that the Fox enquiry leader, Gus O’Donnell, is leaving his job at the end of the year doesn’t necessarily mean that he will be totally disinterested in the outcome. No doubt he will not be constrained to live solely from his civil service pension and we must keep an eye out for any appointments coming up in the New Year.


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