Pot and Kettle

In Uncategorized on October 5, 2011 by grahamharrowell

I read in my Ouest France that highway maintenance staff on the main road to the west are upset to with having to pick up (with tongs, let it be said) plastic bottles of urine dumped, allegedly, by lorry drivers. French drivers blame foreigners, particularly East European truckers, for the problem and complain that they don’t adapt to local ways. Do they mean by this, stopping wherever they please (this is only blokes of course), whipping out the old chap and spraying the surrounding countryside indiscriminately in full view of passing men, women and children, which is the French custom for car and truck drivers. Presumably it is also the height of good manners in France, having sat on the pavement and consumed a few cans of Old Amsterdam lager (8.4%) purchased in the local supermarket, to relieve oneself against the glass screen separating the bank from the cafe where locals and tourists are taking their coffee in Dinan town centre. At least the foreign truckers do it in private and dump it in sealed containers.


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