Crowd Pleaser

In Uncategorized on October 5, 2011 by grahamharrowell

Weekly dustbin collections were a plank of the Conservatives’ Daily Mail agenda. This week they’ve mysteriously found some money (having told us there was none) in an attempt to persuade councils to keep or re-instate the weekly round. In Bradford the two of us pay £150 a month. We get the bin emptied once a week, ten glass and can recycling collections a year, ten paper recycling collections a year and some green garden waste collections. Whilst in Paris they empty the bins every day, here in Dinan we pay €50 a month. For that we get the wheelie bin emptied twice a week (Tuesday and Saturday), and recyclables once a week. For a single payment of €11 the council supplied a compost bin of industrial proportions, a stirrer and a bin for the kitchen. The waste disposal site is so good that the council is introducing access control cards to keep out people from other areas. A friend of mine in Yorkshire recently needed to get rid of a small piece of asbestos left over when he fitted a new highly efficient heating boiler. This involved telephone calls to Bradford Council, wrapping it in various layers of protective material and delivering it personally by appointment to a special collection point in the city. Here in Dinan they municipal hygiene service are happy to take asbestos into safe custody at any time with no fuss. Clearly, in Bradford the temptation must be to dump the stuff irresponsibly rather than get rid of it safely.


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