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In Uncategorized on May 5, 2011 by grahamharrowell

I read that in the Ile de France the death toll on the roads remains unremittingly awful. Analysis of the figures shows that the most at risk groups are pedestrians and those on two wheels. Spokesperson Francoise Hardy (surely she didn’t sing the interview) says that, whilst police are trying to redress tha balance by enforcement, the fact that the fixed penalty for crossing the road within 50 metres of a crossing is only €4 means that this is little deterrent. Oh Lord! If you try to use a crossing watch out for the scooters and motor-cycles.

Enforcement is possibly the answer but it’s the two-wheel users who need to be targetted. They don’t stop at crossings, they ride at speed on the pavement (and that’s €130), they ride the wrong way up one way streets – often all at the same time. To avoid tickest from speed cameras or identification as they leave the scene they often remove their number plates. So, in my view, the first job for the polce is to seize any motocycle or scooter without a number plate and crush it. Next they might go to the peripherique and nick all those on two wheels who (a) exceed the speed limit and/or (b) overtake on the wrong side. This would possibly cause more chaos than the daily fatal accidents involving the bikers who do this.

The problem is that the motoring lobby in France is probably worse than in UK. They feel they can do no wrong. (A bit like the French gentleman recently asked about the law requiring him to clean up after his dog. He said it was unconstitutional as such a requirement breached his civil liberties.) I think the pedestrians, who are usually the victims when there is an accident, can expect to bear the brunt of any clamp down.


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