Operation Overkill

In Uncategorized on April 23, 2011 by grahamharrowell

At our local station I espy 2 CSOs from BTP heading back to Leeds just as a 3rd arrives. Just what’s needed in Ilkley. As well as W Yorks Police providing CSOs BTP give even more visible presence. It’s just what the locals want. They don’t want real police as they might look too deeply into where their money comes from, or how frequently they beat their wives. The local nick hangs by a thread and if you want to report something you can go to Tesco twice a week to see your CSO. The locals consider it OK to bray Bullingdon style outside the winw bar whilst quaffing claret but woe betide the visitor from Bradford who tries to have a can of lager beside the river with his picnic. That’s “anti-social” drinking. There’s a law against it which doesn’t apply to the tables outside the posh places.

Anyway, why the need for all the visible “policing”? It’s the locals’ fear of crime. They see a criminal around every corner and clearly the station, linking the town as it does with Leeds and Bradford is clearly going to be the most dangerous spot in town.

Well the statistics are clear. Last year BTP recorded an astonishing total of 11 crimes at the station. (Yes, that’s ELEVEN.) Some of these were fare-dodgers but you can understand the problem. So what’s to be done? You may think that this is the reason for the CSO presence, but no the solution is to increase the number of CCTV cameras on the station from the current 6 to 22. (Yes, TWENTY TWO.)

I look forward to next year’s statistics. Will the Ilkley Station crime wave be overcome? Will there be fewer than 11 offences next year? One thing is certain, the last thing that’s needed here is for the locals to be allowed to elect the chief of police. Priorities would be skewed even more.


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