Better Late Than Never

In Uncategorized on April 19, 2011 by grahamharrowell

For reasons explained earlier this is my first comment on the nonsense Clegg and Cameron ahve got us into in Libya.

Apparently we need to be getting out of Afghanistan, we need to make our armed forces smaller and the driving force behind this is that we have no money. So why are we popping off Tomahawk cruise missiles at £500,000 a time? No doubt the Yanks who encouraged us to do this are rubbing their hands at the thought of us buying replacements and keeping their people in work whilst all over the UK workers are being laid off.

What is Cameron thinking of and why has Clegg let him do it? One thing seems certain either there isn’t a cashflow crisis and that is all a fairy story to justify the cuts or they are indulging in irresponsible and unforgiveable waste of money that they tell us we don’t have. Either way they are wrong.


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