In Uncategorized on January 31, 2011 by grahamharrowell

The Clegg-Cameron Conservative government continues to press ahead with cutting jobs in the public sector. The police are threatened too, but the “compulsory retirements” (that’s another way of saying redundancy) will no doubt have to wait until the cops have been used to overcome demonstrators and protestors so that the other cuts are pushed through. The police should not forget that once everyone else has been dealt with they’ll be next. (What was it the German pastor said? When they came for the Jews I did nothing etc. When they came for me there was no-one left to save me.) Already there has been a record recruitment of Specials (as in the General Strike) who are willing to the job for nothing (other than the frisson they get out of dressing up in uniform and wielding batons).

It’s not limited to the UK. In France the widely feared CRS have been told that there are to be closures and that there will be redundancies. In the “Homeland of Human Rights” the police have the right to strike. Already the CRS are refusing food. (A serious gesture for a Frenchman.) A number of units have refused to undertake some tasks. What happens next? Look forward to the deployment of the Gendarmerie (who are soldiers and therefore not allowed to strike – except with a big stick) to dipserse their chums. That will be funny to watch.


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