The Power of English

In Uncategorized on January 26, 2011 by grahamharrowell

At the weekend the Belgian centre ground demonstrated in Brussels. Unlike their more extreme, perhaps bigoted, nationalist counterparts who have ensured that the country has existed for nearly a year without a government because of their linguistic bickering, these people want to choose a government that won’t operate a kind of linguistic apartheid where both camps claim that either the French speakers or the Flemish speakers are disadvantaged. Benoit Poelvoorde co-star in Dany Boon’s latest movie has asked Belgians to join him and to stop shaving until they get a government. Presumably such an initiative wil bring pressure to bear on politicians from Wilkinson and Gillette.

To make their position clear (to each other and the outside world) the demontrators did waht they always do to avoid sparking problems over the use of French or Flemish. For the most part they wrote their placards and banners in English. Maybe that’s the soultion. Do away with both French and Flemish in Belgium. (Apologies to the small German speaking minority.)


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