Truth is stranger than fiction

In Uncategorized on December 24, 2010 by grahamharrowell

A very respected Human Rights campaigner went earlier this year to Vietnam to attend a conference. On arrival he was stopped an hustled into one of those little rooms they have at airports just for this purpose. Accustomed to this sort of treatment he prepared himself for the usual barrage of questions about his activities. He was however surprised to find that, for once it wasn’t his work or principles that were being questioned, but his documents. He was accused of travelling on a counterfeit passport. When he asked why this was the official replied that there was “no such country as Liberia”. After further questioning the African gentleman, having failed by way of reasoned argument to persuade his captors of the error of their ways, told tham that he would answer no further questions until an atlas of the world was produced. Stalemate for some time, but he was unshakeable. Eventually the most junior member of staff was summoned and despatched on a motor scooter to the city centre to find a bookshop. On his return with the book of maps our hero opened it at the page with the big map of Africa and (by this time to his relief, you never know what form censorship will take) located his homeland and pointed it out. The shame-faced border guards put away the thumb screws, detached the electrodes, dusted him down and sent him on his way as if nothing had happened. These things aren’t funny. They really happen.

3 Responses to “Truth is stranger than fiction”

  1. Are you sure you’re not just rewriting the trailer for Lucas and Walliams’ Airport spoof – to be shown on Christmas Day?

    • Kev, I can give you the man’s name if you want. It’s them who’ve heard the story at a dinner party and pinched it.

  2. Bloody sight funnier than the Airport thing, too.

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