BBC Regions

In Uncategorized on December 23, 2010 by grahamharrowell

They’re still doing it. Despite relaying warnings that people should refrain from travelling during the severe weather, the BBC are still sending their 6 O’Clock News reporters all over the place whilst at the same time these journos are jostling with their regional chums for the best spot on the pavement. Over the last week national TV reporters have battled their way to the White Rose Centre outside Leeds to file their story whilst Look North have been there doing the same thing. Again in the last couple of days the Crossbow Cannibal story has seen the BBC’s Northern Correspondent dragged to Bradford to stand on the freezing pavement next to Christa and Harry as they patiently wait, lower in the order of precedence, for their turn. Spare a thought too for John Cundy who’s spent many a cold or wet day standing outside a draughty courthouse, particularly in the wind tunnel between Leeds Crown Court and the CPS. By far the best piece I’ve seen this week was Christa Ackroyd’s powerful interview with the brother of one of the killer’s missing victims.

It was therefore interesting that the BBC didn’t appear to send its 6 O’Clock man or woman to Belarus to cover the post election shenanigans. They were quite happy to leave all that to their local reporters. (Maybe the Duty Free shop at Minsk airport isn’t up to much so nobody wants to go there.) Or maybe they don’t want to risk being batoned. One resident BBC reporter escaped the fate of many of those in the square when a riot policeman told his colleagues not to touch “the old woman”. Gallant perhaps, but surely time to update his diversity training?


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