Cash withdrawals

In Uncategorized on December 17, 2010 by grahamharrowell

I see that some robbers in Manchester tried to pinch an ATM from a shop but failed because it stuck in the narrow doorway. No such problems in the tougher areas of France where, although there aren’t many jobs (youth unemployment 43%), there are plenty of other things to keep the economy going such as drugs guns and military explosives. The local robbers have already learned that ramming the cash machine with a stolen car no longer works and, given the lack or work in the area, JCBs are hard to come by. Not so AK47s and plastic explosive. You can’t get those anywhere.

Last week a gang blew a cash machine out of the wall of a bank in one of the less favoured suburbs of Paris. As they made off they set fire to one of their vehicles (which in turn set off others) to prevent them being followed by the police. In fact they’d taken the trouble of stopping off on their way to the bank to chain up the gates of the nearby police station yard leaving all the cars penned in. One lot of cops in an ummarked car did try to stop them but their pistols were no match for the automatic assault rifles. The scene resembled that of a war torn city and recalled Michael Caine’s line about only blowing off the doors.


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