In Uncategorized on December 15, 2010 by grahamharrowell

Shrien Dewani was granted bail whilst City of Westminster court decides whether he should be extradited in relation to serious offences against a woman and possibly, according to police in the country seeking his extradition, two women. I suppose Mr Dewani having a fixed address, sureties and being a man of good character has had to surrender his passport and may have to report to the police and perhaps even wear an electronic tag. But I don’t know.

I didn’t see any details of the restrictions imposed but I don’t recall hearing that the sureties had been required to deposit their recognizances as security with the court before his release. Maybe someone can enlighten me. In fact, if anyone has the time and the inclination, maybe they could put in a Freedom of Information request to ask how many people facing criminal charges were released on bail last year and of these how many were required to lodge the cash with the court before their release, even if it was only in their own recognizance. They say that lawyers never ask a question unless they already know the answer, so taking a leaf out of their book I’m willing to bet that the figure would be very, very, very low. I wonder what it would take to cause a court to impose such a rigorous restriction?

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