Circle Line again

In Uncategorized on December 14, 2010 by grahamharrowell

Actually it’s not the Circle Line. I’ve given that up and as you already know I have no faith in the Northern Line either. Yesterday I tried the Victoria Line. I would have done better to have walked.

First off instead of turning the corner at St Pancras and going down the steps to the platform I was directed past the entrance to the Victoria Line and sent on a long and pointless walk to the other end of the station. Something to do with busy period. There I had to do a 180 degree turn to pass through the barrier and retrace my steps at a lower level to the foot of the stairs which were out of bounds, there to join my train.

It takes only 43 minutes to get from Kings Cross/St Pancras to Victoria by this method. Not only does the train stop at every station for a few minutes, it also stops in the tunnel for long periods. There is no lack of information on the causes of the delay. In fact the driver won’t shut up, obviously having been told that what most “customers” complain of is a lack of the stuff. Forget the information, if I want information I’ll take a leaflet, look at a poster or buy a newspaper. I just want to get where I’m going, that’s why I have an Oyster Card.

There were a number of reasons for the delay. Previous incident, signalling problems, alarm on a train going the other way and an obvious one at Oxford Circus whilst we waited for a policeman to strugggle down to the platforms and check out each carriage for some miscreant.

Fortunately, I’d built an hour into my schedule for just such an eventuality. Most of the regulars looked resigned to it all and only one poor innocent with his suitcase and his anxious glances at his watch appeared to have missed his onward train.

I think this is all TfL. Having diverted the Circle so that some friend of the boss doesn’t have to change trains to get to Hammersmith from Tower Hill via Liverpool Street, they now want to persuade people to bring their cars into central London so as to hike up receipts from the congestion charge. Why else would they tolerate such a poor service?


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