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Who said Putin was dull with no sense of humour? Well probably the journalists who’ve been gunned down outside their houses or the odd victim of plutonium poisoning but otherwise he seems a nice chap.

I don’t think that Cameron or, say, Fillon would be advised to take up singing for Children in Need or this week’s similar programme on TF1. I think Dave and Francois would listen to their advsers and even if they can sing they’d give it a miss. But then I don’t suppose there is anyone in Russia who would risk advising their PM on how he presents himself. (“Vladimir Vladimirovich! There’s a man on the phone from London called Mandelson. He says he’s just the man you need to run your campaign to get re-elected.” “Tell him, no thank you. I’m not that ruthless.”)

This may be a first for a Russina leader, although unless you happen to be an academic expert it’s unlikely that you can recall the names of many of the previous incumbents as this hasn’t been a front line post for long. (“Comrade would you mind appearing on this year’s fundraiser for starving kulaks who’ve lost their land in the collectivization campaign? That’ll be no, then?”

I missed the preamble to the former president’s singing. “We’ve had a pledge of 5,000,000 roubles if Mr V.V. Putin will stand up and sing a Louis Armstrong number. Well, here he is! The donor couldn’t be here with us tonight but our thanks go out to Mr M Khodorkovsky from Siberia.”


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  1. awesome post, Graham Petrovich.

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