Professional Standards

In Uncategorized on December 12, 2010 by grahamharrowell

On Radio 4 this week a young disabled man claimed that he’d been dragged out of his wheelchair and assaulted at the fees demonstration. Whether or not this happened is not to be investigated because he has not made a formal complaint. This could of course be because he can’t get his chair up the front steps of wherever it is you have to go to complain.

In Bobigny this week a fleet of marked and unmarked police cars descended on the local court. Officers in uniform and plain clothes (looking very much like the defendants leaving the building) surrounded the place. They left their sirens sounding and blue lights flashing and began a blockade.

They were protesting because 9 of their colleagues had just been convicted and imprisoned for fitting up a local youth. He’d failed to stop in a car and had been pursued until caught. In the excitement one of the policemen on foot had been run over by one of his colleagues in a car. The cops got together and decided to make witness statements blaming the fugitive for the injuries. A contributory factor may have been that in France criminal and civil proceedings run together and victims receive damages payments. In this case the young man made a complaint and the professional standards team from the police uncovered the fraud.

Interesting that the demonstrating police should consider it wrong for their colleagues to be punished.

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