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Why is it in the UK that waiters try to force wine on me? Yes, I like wine. But you can only reasonably drink so much. Last week I was a bit put out when, having ordered a bottle between four of us, the waitress came over poured the remaining contents of the bottle into the least full glass unbidden and then asked whether we’d like to order another bottle.

Of course, the restaurant wants to sell more to make more and maybe the waitress is on commission (though somehow I doubt it), but forcing the pace is a fairly irresponsible way to do things. As I’ve grown older I’ve also taken a policy decision on wine with meals. Rather than spend my money on quantity, I’ve started to go for quality. At lunch time sharing a half bottle of something decent seems to me a better investment than sharing two bottles of something cheaper.

Of course it’s the mark up that tempts them to do it. Comparing the price of a wine that I can buy on the High Street with the same bottle in a restaurant can be alarming and even more so when you remember that the restaurateur can buy it more cheaply still.

If I need another bottle of wine, I’ll know. If I can afford it, I’ll ask. The likelihood is that neither will apply so, waiters and waitresses, please don’t ask. You risk getting a curt response.


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  1. We’re getting the flavour of this blog. It’s Mr Grumpy!

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