Restaurants and Noise

In Uncategorized on November 15, 2010 by grahamharrowell

I was in a restaurant in London last week. The food was fantastic but the meal (or rather the experience) was marred by the noise. Part of the pleasure of eating is to do so with friends and family and part of that pleasure is the conversation.

For some reason in London, in restaurants and pubs, it has become almost impossible to conduct a conversation because of the level of noise. I don’t seem to encounter this problem elsewhere and find myself able to ask the waiter for advice and order a meal without a problem.

In London people start to talk loudly and then, as their neighbours find it necessary to increase the volume to make themsleves heard, a spiral begins which raises the overall level to unmanageable.

The situation brought to mind another recent visit to London and a very good pub. I thought at the time that the level of noise was high but put it down to me and not the general behaviour of the other folk there. Now I realise it’s a London thing. And a disappointment.


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